Meet the Roes


The Roe Family’s citrus roots run deep.

Since 1910, the Roes have been in the business of providing customers with an exceptional citrus experience. From humble beginnings, four generations have built Noble into the business that it is today. William G. Roe, the founder of Noble, began a fresh fruit distributorship in upstate New York. Wanting to be closer to his network of suppliers, he moved his family to Florida and built a packing house next to the Seaboard Coastline Railroad (a common practice in those days). It was at this time his sons, Frederick and Willard, began planting citrus groves, focusing specifically on tangerines. In fact, the first tangerine trees planted were the Dancey. In 1927, the “Noble®” name was registered and thus began the packing of only the best tangerines.

Noble continued to grow steadily and in 1981, William G. Roe and Sons, Inc. was passed onto William’s two sons. Willard bought his brother’s share of the business and in spite of the destructive freezes and weather patterns, brought the businesses to success. In true Roe family fashion, Willard’s three sons — Bill, Quentin and Morgan — joined their father in the business.

For nearly 100 years, Noble has been flourishing, with over 10 different fresh fruit varieties, including starburst pummelos, finger limes and blueberries. Noble has made a name for themselves in the citrus world. Committed to the longevity of the product and citrus farming, Noble believes in taking extraordinary care of their groves and providing you with high quality, sweet citrus fruit and pure juice now, and for years to come.


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